Financial Trading


The ability to implement a robust risk management framework for a company is paramount for any trading desk. Attracting professionals who are acutely aware of how to navigate the financial markets is crucial in a highly volatile trading environment. With that awareness – having the mindset on how to trade commodity futures and global markets either for a hedge or to hold a position can impact a company’s PnL enormously. Here are some of the featured roles across (FICC) Fixed Income; Currency; and Commodities:

Featured Roles:

Base Metals Derivatives Trader – Desk Head / Trading House
Oil Derivatives Trader / Securities Firm
Senior Vice President – Derivatives / Coal Producer
Senior Portfolio Manager / Agri Products / Hedge Fund
Senior Palm Oil Futures Trader / Agri Commodities Business
Commodities Trader (Paper) – Family Office
Lead Portfolio Manager (Fixed Income) / Family Office
FX Trader G10 / Securities Firm
Sales Execution Trader / Bank
Delta One Trader / Precious Metals / Bank
Index Options Trader / Proprietary Trading Firm
Quant Trader / Quant Flow Trading Firm