Ags & Softs


Agricultural commodities have been traded by merchants since time immemorial – The Silk Road being the renowned trade route which helped galvanize relationships between different countries allowing religion, food and culture also to flow from one place to another. We have helped merchants, end-users and producers in the following areas including grains such as rice, wheat, corn, barely and soybean products to also finding talent who have soft commodities experience such as sugar, cotton, cocoa and coffee.

Featured Roles:

Senior Grains Trader – Wheat / Trading House
Senior Palm Trader / Agri Trading Group
Fertilizer Trader (NPKs) / Producer
Agri Derivatives Trader / End User
Senior Oilseeds Trader / Trading House
Sugar Trader / Agri Commodity Merchant
Coffee Trader / Argi Softs Trading House
Senior Operator – Trade Execution / Trading House
Head of Agri Market Research / Global Shipping Company