About Us

Arcadian Executive Search is a niche recruitment firm delivering bespoke talent solutions across both the physical commodity and financial trading markets in Asia.

Our Mission

Based in Singapore, a thriving global commodity hub, we help our clients attract, retain and nurture talent helping them to grow and continue to deliver value for their customers in these destination markets of Asia. We respect that not one size fits all, simplicity is at the heart of what we do and so we continuously strive to develop a recruitment solution that is both highly efficient and effective for our network.

The first goal of our consultants is to get to know both our client’s businesses and the markets they operate in – intimately. That means understanding their culture, their values, their ambitions and understanding the finer details of a role over and beyond the job description. It is only through acquiring this detailed knowledge and understanding that we can then tailor our approach to find the right caliber of individuals to meet our client’s needs. For our candidates we help guide them every step of the way, having trust and accountability is really important to us, take a look at our jobs page to find out which positions are best suited to you. Click here.